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There are areas in my career that I’ve been hesitant to move forward on and expand into, especially in the area of leadership. My work with Sandie has helped me immensely to get clarity on those areas and take significant actions to realize a vision for my career that resonates with me. I’ve made great strides.

Name & Title Confidential

Federal Aviation Administration, Washington, DC

There are many ways to reach the peak of a person’s performance. Sandie’s way is a brilliant way. Through simple questions, she helped me unmask and unravel myself to reveal my fears, anchors and impediments. Through non-judgmental and compassionate inquiry, she helped me clarify my needs and wishes so I could reach my potential. I readily recommend Sandie to anyone who is seriously committed to knowing and advancing themselves. She’s magical.


Physician & Global Entrepreneur, Chicago, IL

Just 15 minutes into our first session, Sandie helped me uncover that a characteristic I had always considered a strength was actually holding me back. Sandie's guiding hand through that realization helped me reevaluate how I utilize that strength, and I have been far more attentive to myself and productive since then. Her careful observance of details during coaching and ability to help provide clarity to who I am and where I want to be is amazing. She's caring, genuine, and has a presence that welcomes truth and openness.

K. Adams

Los Angeles, CA

I'm thrilled to announce that I got the job offer yesterday! I appreciate your encouragement to stick to what is important to me and what would make me happy [instead of accepting something that isn't what I really wanted]. I was shocked that I got an offer for my ideal position in such a short amount of time! Thank you!

E. Liu

University of Southern California

Sandie is an incredible coach. She emanates warmth and compassion but won't hesitate to call you on your shenanigans if it's not in your best interest. You are in safe hands with Sandie. She won't push you off the ledge, she will take you to the edge and encourage and challenge you to take the leap yourself. With Sandie's help, I built up the courage and the confidence to leave an unfulfilling career and pursue my calling in a way that not only let me leave my former employer on good terms, but also set me up for success along the journey. Sandie didn't just help me reach my stated goals, she helped me surpass those and figure out what I really wanted and reach those too.

Heather Rhoden

Sandie uses a variety of creative exercises (including personalized, on-target, and challenging homework assignments) in order to help you reach your specific goals. I also value Sandie's corporate experience. She understands what it takes to be successful in a fast paced, enterprise environment, which was important to me in choosing a coach. She is great at pushing you past your comfort zone, while building your confidence, and holding you accountable for the goals you jointly set for yourself. She is truly invested in your success. I highly recommend working with Sandie!

S. Johnson

Sustainability Management Consultant, Seattle, WA

Having the opportunity to work with Sandie as my coach went beyond my expectations. I was at a pivotal stage in my personal and professional career. I needed to break through leaving a 20 year career to go into the unknown of living my dream of serving the world in a profound and impactful way.  With her vast business knowledge and deep intuition, she really challenged me to raise my game and the results are tangible. She cares that I am successful, which means a tremendous amount to me.   If you choose to work with Sandie, you get excellence.

Jonathan Holiday

Founder & Changemaker, Ambassadors of Change

I wanted to let you know that I've had three interviews with a total of six people this week and all of them went really, really, really well. I was so much more relaxed and myself than ever before. I was able to listen a lot better because I wasn't so worried about what to say next and as a result was able to have more fluid conversations. I also talked about what I need in a job, which is completely new for me! Wow, right? I'm also thinking about what I want in my next job, and boy that helps me think so much more clearly about what to ask and how to move forward. These are all pretty incredible changes and I have you and our sessions to thank for that.

Tina E.

Writer, New Jersey

Working with Sandie has encouraged me to discover my own leadership potential, and to be more aware of my strengths and their foundations. After our illuminating (and very fun) time together, I am moving forward with a new sense of purpose, clarity and strategy. It feels great to be able to get out of my own way, and Sandie helped me to find that courage. I highly recommend Sandie to anyone interested in developing or discovering their own style of leadership.

Darci V.H

Attorney & Executive Director, Eugene, OR

After our first conversation (just 45 minutes), Sandie zeroed in on where I needed help and got me productive. During our second call, while exploring my values, Sandie came up with an idea for me that fits in beautifully to my business model and mission, and just as important, will likely be my favorite aspect of my business. Her marketing skills, keen eye and observation all led to her seeing this spot-on "side project" that has such great money-making potential! In one week, I added it to my website, came up with a simple marketing tool (again, Sandie's idea) and already have customers signing up. I'm completely recharged and excited!

Carrie Aikman

Entrepreneur - Los Angeles, CA

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