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There are many ways to reach the peak of a person’s performance. Sandie’s way is a brilliant way. Through simple questions, she helped me unmask and unravel myself to reveal my fears, anchors and impediments. Through non-judgmental and compassionate inquiry, she helped me clarify my needs and wishes so I could reach my potential.  I readily recommend Sandie to anyone who is seriously committed to knowing and advancing themselves. She’s magical."

- C.R., Physician and Global Entrepreneur



 Sandie's coaching sessions are rejuvenating, supportive, often funny, and always insight-driven. I was reaching a plateau in my career, and needed to find ways to increase my effectiveness and edge. As I accomplished her custom-designed assignments, it seemed to me that my work problems (which had been growing for years) were making a noticeable U-turn. Sandie's high-level coaching enabled me to see options I had never realized were there, and to redirect my focus on the right tasks. I was surprised to rediscover my enthusiasm for the job and the entertainment industry."

                                                    - Showtime Networks executive



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